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Gen Set Hire

All our generators have acoustic canopies giving quiet operation, with ultra low emissions, no smoke on start up and have a fully bunded catch-all base that will contain all engine fluids in the event of a failure. The Generating sets have high reliability built-in, backed up by our emphasis on rigorous preventative maintenance, saving time and costs often associated with breakdowns.

GENERATOR (kVA) CONTINUOUS OUTPUT (kW) 50 Hr running weekly rate CABLE WEEKLY (Per Metre)
60 kVA 48KW £230 £0.90
100 kVA 80KW £280 £2.70
125kVA 100KW £310 £2.70
175kVA 140KW £385 £2.90
200kVA 160KW £420 £2.90

Other hire terms are available for Standby and Longer Running Hours.
Delivery Charge 0-10 Miles 11-25 Miles 26-50 Miles 50 Miles +
Flatbed / Crange - Off Load £50 £75 £100 £100 + £1 Per Mile
Generator prices include 25m of suitable load cables.
Additional cable will be charged according to the table.
Cable is normally supplied in 25m, 50m & 100m lengths.
Generators are supplied Fully Fuelled and Ready For Use.
Fuel is charged extra at current rate.
Delivery and collection charges apply from Cadproducts nearest branch to the delivery address.
Delivery and collection charges assume 3 working days notice.
Emergency deliveries may incur a surcharge.
All prices apply to UK Mainland only

GENERATOR SIZE What Size Generator Do I Need?

Generator output is usually specified in kVA (kilovolt amp), which is generally greater than the actual useable power. ie. only 80% of the stated kVA rating.

This is known as the power factor and must be taken into account when placing your order.

To work out the power factor ( useable power),
multiply the stated kVA rating by 0.8. Example: 5 kVA x 0.8 = 4 kW (kilowatts) Power Tool Examples:
9¼ " Circular Saw 1550W
Router 1600W
5" Mini Grinder 1020W
Planer 550W
9" Angle Grinder 2000W
½" Drill 800W
Kettle 3000W
NOTE: 1kW = 1000W

Therefore a 5kVA generator should power one kettle and a ½" drill.

NOTE: If the wattage of the tool etc. is not known, it can be obtained by multiplying the voltage by the amperage.

For example, a 240V drill with a running current of 5 amps will have a wattage of :- 240v x 5A = 1200W (1.2kW)